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email notification
Pandora FMS 6.0

. I need a little help to set my e-mail notification. Currently they work with email witch does not required SSL/TLS smtp Authentication. Unfortunately I will lose that account soon and I need to make it work with different e-mail provider and now they all use SSL/TLS Authentication. I am sending you my current config file.

From Terminal if I try “echo “TEST” | mail “ Does not send email , but from the Pandora console if I force a warning I receive an email.
Thank you in advance !!!   


# mta_address: External Mailer (MTA) IP Address to be used by Pandora FMS internal email capabilities


# mta_port, this is the mail server port (default 25)

mta_port 587

# mta_user MTA User (if needed for auth, FQD or simple user, depending on your server)


# mta_pass MTA Pass (if needed for auth)

mta_pass xxxxxxx

# mta_auth MTA Auth system (if needed, it supports LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD)

mta_auth LOGIN

# mta_from Email address that sends the mail, by default is pandora@localhost 
#           probably you need to change it to avoid problems with your antispam

mta_from Pandora FMS

# Set 1 if want eMail deliver alert in separate mail  (default). 
# Set 0 if want eMail deliver shared mail by all destination.
mail_in_separate 1

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