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Agent view not working - blank screen
Installed the lates version of PandoraFMS console and server v7.ONG.714 Build PC171025-MR7. After a Recon task I can see a list of agents, but agent view is without any information, just a blank screen. Agents > Views > Agent detail >View menu of agent >  Nothing.

There is a New Pandora Console Update alert informing about a new version 171030, where do I get this update?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Hi tombaja,

We have detected the error that hides the information of the agents.
We created a ticket for the team of developers to solve it, as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Hallo guys,

same problem here...
Thx for helping us! :-)

Hi all,

The correct way to solve the problem is:
Modifying the file:

Edit 1047 line:
Código PHP:
$active_ux = get_ux_transactions($id_agente); 

Changing it by:
Código PHP:
$active_ux = enterprise_hook('get_ux_transactions', array($id_agente)); 

Then we restart the apache server.
The bug will be solved in a short time. Thanks for reporting.

Best regards,

Is there an updated fix for this? I have a new install using version 180730 and have this issue. I checked and that line of code posted is already updated.

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