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Flip Flop interval does not seem to work

I have a module to monitor the CPU IOWait and would like to filter out flip flopping, so I set the FF threshold to 2 and the FF interval of 60. The module itself has an interval of 5 minutes (same as the agent).

When the data of the module goes above the warning or critical values, the module changes it status to unknown and only after 5 minutes the next module data comes in, so the FF interval does not seem to work.
I searched the documentation, but I couldn't find anything related to this problem.
Do I need to set the agent interval to 1 minute for this to work?

I'm currently using Pandora FMS v7.0NG - Build PC170324.

Thanks in advance.
Hi DeMensen,

No, it isn't necessary to set intervals of 1 minute.
It is a bug, the developer's team already have a solution, in a short time will be available.

Best regards,

Hi DeMensen,

The bug is solved in the new version of Pandora 7.0NG 707.
You can update the version: download the .rmp files or with the update manager online.
A guide:
If you have any problem tell me.

Best regards,

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