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Windows installation - Update Manager not working
Good day,

We have just installed Pandora v6.0 SP3 on a new Windows Server 2012 R2 Server, so not an upgrade.
All has gone wonderfully and seems to be an improvement in performance compared to v6.0... well done.

Our problem is we are getting an error when checking for any updates via the online updates in Update Manager.
the error is: Could not connect to internet

I see we have an warning stating that this instance is not registered in the update manager, but clicking the link and ticking the check box "Join the Pandora FMS community!" and clicking finished results in error: "Remote server error on newsletter request"

If we try subscribing to the newsletter we get the same error.

the server is configured with DNS and a default gateway and is able to resolve DNS queries and access validations outside the local network.

How do we ge the update manager to function?
(we had similar issues in v6.0)
Hi Lanadmin.

It's a known issue reported to the development team. It only happens in Windows Server. Apology for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
I have Pandora FMS Opensource version running on Windows 10.  I am unable to do updates using the update manager feature.  I have SP1 build PC160119 installed, according to the bottom of the pages, but the update manager page shows latest version installed is 0 and it tells me that there is a new version available, but when I try to update, I get the message: Failed to copy the files.  I have installed the SP3 updates but it does not fix the problem.
Hello RMBCTech,

Development team have been informed to solve this issue. Apology for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Happy New Year Enrique,

Just coming back around to this.
has the update manager in the windows build been fixed yet? (I see current latest version is v6.0SP4... hoping this has the fix in place)

we would love to move over to a build that has it functioning so that any bugs etc can be patched.

Hello Lanadmin,

There have been some bug fixes on the update manager, so I recommend you to update to the last possible version.

Happy new year!

Kind regards,

We have just installed PandoraFMS v7 (pandorafms_server_7.0NG.721_x86_64),
when trying to do install to the latest version we get the error "Error in package extraction".

any advise here?
PS: remember this is a windows Install (on Windows Server 2012 R2)
Hello, I am also having this issue with PandoraFMS v7 (pandorafms_server_7.0NG.721_x86_64) running on Windows.

Has there been a fix to this issue?

(07-10-2018, 05:18 PM)willkim Wrote: Hello, I am also having this issue with PandoraFMS v7 (pandorafms_server_7.0NG.721_x86_64) running on Windows.

Has there been a fix to this issue?


I did attempt a new install a few months ago, and if I recall it was still an issue (although they had sorted some other bugs and introduced some improvements).
But I have not tested on a newer version since then.

It would be really great if they could get that sorted.

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