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Error in package extraction. Update Manager Windows Server 7.0NG
Hello Pandora FMS community!

I have recently installed Pandora FMS and kept getting a warning about a new Pandora FMS Console Update.  

When I click on the link to do the update it starts to do something, but then I keep getting an error:

"Error in package extraction."

I am running the Windows version of the Pandora FMS Server 7.0 NG

When I look at the C:\PandoraFMS\htdocs\pandora_console\attachment\downloads\pandora_console folder it has the correct timestamp on the files (time that I clicked to update) but not sure why it would not extract properly.  

Is it a permissions issue?  I have attached screenshots.

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.png   Capture.PNG (Size: 72.51 KB / Downloads: 4)

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