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Data Pandora

IT service for large companies

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

“By integrating all the monitoring in Pandora FMS, all the information is accessible through a single screen, which fits in OneVision’s philosophy.”

Hassan Kalantari Foundateur at PDG d’ Uniway


Uniway started its activity in 1999 and since then has maintained a constant line of innovation in technological solutions for companies and cloud services from its own platform. Our clients are mainly corporations, as well as large and medium-sized companies with whom we maintain a continuous relationship, offering a service adapted to their needs, in a changing and very competitive environment. Uniway was a pioneer in creating one of the first commercial data centers in Spain, in the centre of Madrid.

We have highly specialized professionals in the administration, operation and integration of platforms and corporate applications of great complexity such as SAP, SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL Server, vmWare among others. As for business continuity and systems contingency, Uniway is a specialist as it has everything structured under a set of services called Business Continuity Suite.

Uniway has ISO 27001 certification for the provision of Cloud Computing services from the facilities of our data center.


OneVision is a tool created and developed by Uniway so that our customers can control their physical and virtual IT assets globally, both technically and cost-effectively. With OneVision it is possible to share information between our customers and our technical and financial departments.

Similar to an airplane dashboard, with this tool our clients can check the capacity of their servers, incidents and costs, active contracts, and can also geolocate them by country and city.

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Uniway had more than four different monitoring tools, some dependent on the hardware (air conditioning, energy systems, etc.), others dependent on the commercial software they support (SAP, Oracle, SQL Server) and others of a general nature, but incompatible with OneVision (Nagios and PRTG).

Thanks to Pandora FMS, Uniway has not only avoided the PRTG license, but also the cost of a technician specialized in Nagios and the complementary monitoring products of technologies such as SAP or Oracle.

By integrating all the monitoring in Pandora FMS, all the information is accessible through a single screen, which fits in OneVision’s philosophy. Within this tool, Pandora FMS has a relevant role through its API REST, since OneVision works as a dashboard for the client that includes, among many other functions, monitoring. In this way, Pandora FMS is a key piece for the management of the Uniway operations infrastructure, as well as for the operative information offered to the client. Everything with the same tool, individualized for each client, without duplicate licenses, operators or processes.

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Through Pandora FMS’s official training we were able to train two technicians who carried out the whole migration process by their own means. For the integration with OneVision we didn’t even have to hire consultancy or development days, but through support and documentation they were able to integrate it themselves.

For the client, who previously did not have his own monitoring view, everything was an advantage, as we were able to offer them a high level of detail as well as historical data. The feeling of transparency and control is one of the reasons why our customers continue to trust Uniway, and with Pandora FMS we have reinforced this relationship of trust.

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Thanks to Pandora FMS we have been able to offer a new and differentiating service to our clients. We managed to save more than 70% compared to the previous costs in monitoring, in addition to the benefits that Pandora FMS has brought to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

We have managed to implement the OneVision tool in 100% of our clients, in which Pandora FMS has a key role that guarantees the good functioning of our services.


Ártica ST is an innovative company that develops its own technological solutions, including Pandora FMS, Integria IMS and eHorus.

Pandora FMS is one of the most flexible IT monitoring tools on the market. It has thousands of users around the world, with customers in all sectors and it is present in more than 50 countries around the world.

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