Politicians aren’t the only ones at risk: how to tell if your mobile or PC passwords have been stolen

Notas de Prensa 2022, Press releases 2022

Madrid, July 20, 2022.- The growing use of new technologies by the population has increased the risk of theft. Not only on the street can one fall victim to thieves, but one can also lose sensitive information such as passwords or bank keys in the cloud. In this case it is even easier not to realize that virtual robbers are committing a crime. In addition, security no longer depends on you, but the security of third parties, those we shared our data with, becomes important.

How can you maximize individual security on the network? Periodically modifying passwords and following some basic tips. The first thing is to find out whether the user has been affected by any digital security breach. The process is complex for most internauts, but there are free and safe portals where you may just enter some identifying data of your account to find out whether the passwords are in danger.

Haveibeenpwned.com is one of the examples. As if it were a Google search engine, the user just needs to enter their email or phone number to find out whether the passwords of that profile have been filtered and are in a database. In case that breach is confirmed (a message appears in just a second and in a very intuitive red color), the procedure is simple: go to all those accounts and change the password. As experts indicate, you have to set different passwords depending on the platform.

“It makes no sense to set the same password on all applications and systems.  That equals making things easier for thieves, because from a single security breach they can take control of all your accounts for not having different passwords”, explains Sancho Lerena, CEO of the monitoring company Pandora FMS.

Setting different passwords is usually a problem for the user, who risks either forgetting some of them if they do not keep them safe or losing some speed along processes of different applications. Despite this, it is essential to reinforce the security barrier. And that is because not only large entities should be protected.

One of the easiest things to verify is the strength of the passwords used and implementing a system that monitors this may seem simple and innocent, but it is the first step to a safer system. Security monitoring is used to control key security aspects, such as this, backup verification, or the execution of anti-virus security programs. 

The most powerful organizations on the market are a clear example of the importance of cloud security and data protection. Until recently there was a specific department to manage all IT information and its protection, but the increase of those data and the increase of the danger in the cloud have made monitoring become the most effective solution. 

Monitoring the IT structure of a company means centralizing the control of all the information and, in addition, it allows to alert and anticipate each error. In addition, those in charge, both of the IT structure as well as data security, do not have as much workload and can perform their functions 100%. 

“Our monitoring solution, for example, strengthens security wherever it is installed. Businesses are focusing more on their IT information security, and monitoring for example is critical to that end.  Any failure or error is reported instantly, so action is faster and losses smaller.  However, ordinary users should not forget that their information is also valuable for cyber criminals “, underlines the expert of   Pandora FMS  , aware of the interest of large organizations in protecting their data with systems such as monitoring.

Cybercrime has increased over time. Users, given the number of processes that must be developed online, share more and more information. A scenario that has made companies take their chances on monitoring systems such as that of Pandora FMS and that extends to individuals the need to protect their data on the network.