The IT company Pandora FMS, the first in Spain to offer a monitoring system integrated with IBM i

Press releases 2022

The technology company Pandora FMS, specialized in system monitoring, takes a step further towards growth becoming the first national technology capable of offering monitoring solutions, both for IBM i systems (formerly known as AS400) and for much more modern systems.

A development that, after several decades, means the full coexistence of IBM i with more recent systems.

PFMS and monitoring system integrated with IBM i

Pandora FMS, through the solution developed by the French company M81, will provide this service to multiple important customers. 

*M8 developed monitoring software for IBM i. 

After the agreement, Pandora FMS will be the first and only one in Spain to be able to combine solutions for both up-to-date systems and IBM i.

The agreement with M81 is a key alliance

The French company has been working in the sector since 1988, becoming one of the benchmarks both nationally and internationally. 

In addition to being specialized in IBM i, they provide solutions such as database recovery after serious failures or advanced monitoring to improve IT team operations.

IBM i, also known as AS400, is a system considered as legacy or obsolete that has 34 years of history

Its versions have been updated and improved throughout all this time. The evidence is that many multinationals keep it still in their structure. 

The so-called IBM Power System and the IBM i operating system continue to be recognized, but IT managers and CEOs are choosing to work with open servers and operating systems that offer many possibilities available in the market.

Therefore, they stopped working with IBM Power System and IBM i.

Due to this legacy system status, companies that use IBM i recognize the need to develop their own verifications or buy solutions that improve their IT structure performance and optimize their costs. 

Until now, they could only hire specialized monitoring systems as far as IBM is concerned. 

However, after the development of Pandora FMS and M84, Spanish companies will be able to implement a single powerful monitoring system that combines the management of both newer systems and IBM i.

On a global scale

As a sign of the potential IBM i has, there are institutions such as the Government of Andorra that have this type of technology. 

Although it is usually the financial and logistics sectors the ones that are managed the most through the old AS400, now known as IBM i. 

Logistics giants such as Cargo Partner, banks such as DZ Bank or insurance companies such as Marsh & McLennan are some of the examples of large formations related to the world of IBM i.

Monitoring and growth

Monitoring, it should be remembered, is one of the bases of the efficient growth of any company today. 

According to internal data from Pandora FMS, there are digital administrations that have improved their response time by 200%

In the retail sector, the workload can be reduced by up to 30% thanks to resource optimization. 

Percentages that translate into cost savings for large multinationals and, above all, IT resource optimization for other areas.

“From now on, Spanish companies that used IBM i will no longer have to acquire different monitoring services to be able to manage their entire infrastructure.

Thanks to the M81 software and its integration with Pandora FMS solution, a legacy system like IBM i will be easy to monitor like any other system,”

explains Sancho Lerena, CEO of Pandora FMS

“This also shows that the IT sector continues to grow in Spain.

Despite having waited for a long time, this development is a turning point for companies that still have systems, such as IBM i, which, despite being legacy, continue to have a lot of influence on IT management for the business of many companies,” highlights the chairman of the Spanish company.