Pandora FMS Open Source

Free and powerful monitoring for everyone

The Pandora FMS Open Source version provides a comprehensive monitoring solution at no cost. Ideal for individuals, small teams, and learning environments. Leverage its features and extensive community resources to get started with monitoring.

Pandora FMS Open source version

Community-Driven Monitoring

Get Started with Pandora FMS Open Source

Pandora FMS Community code will always be free and open, available for everyone to use for production, learning or forking the code. Since our origins in 2004 code has been published using GPL2 license, so this freedom is ensured.

Support is given by community and we encourage you to participate, either by creating code, detecting bugs or helping other users.

The updates of the OpenSource version from version 777 onwards will be done through our public code repository in Github. Pandora FMS OpenSource installation can be done manually, as indicated in our technical documentation, but we recommend doing it using the automatic installation scripts that are based on GitHub for deployment. In Sourceforge you can find all the packages of all the releases of the last decade.

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Reduced hardware, infrastructure and operation costs with a scalable solution.

Distinct safety-critical checks to ensure the protection for your systems.

Registered users world-wide already monitoring small networks as their business grows. Accommodating the future without software limitations.

Select your installation method


Online installation tools

Pandora FMS server on CentOS 7.x

curl -Ls | bash

Pandora FMS server on RHEL 8.x / RockyLinux 8

curl -sL | bash

Pandora FMS on Ubuntu server 22.04

curl -sL | bash

Pandora FMS Software agent on *nix

export PANDORA_SERVER_IP=<PandoraServer IP or FQDN> && curl -Ls | bash

Pandora FMS Software agent on Windows 10 or higher

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile ${env:tmp}\pandora-agent-windows.exe; & ${env:tmp}\pandora-agent-windows.exe /S –ip


EL8 (rockylinux8, rhel8)

curl -SsL | bash

EL9 (rockylinux9, rhel9)

curl -SsL | bash

EL7 (centos7 legacy)

curl -SsL | bash

Ubuntu (22.04 LTS)

curl -SsL | bash


SourceForge is a collaborative website for software projects that sees nearly 30 million users per month looking for, and developing, open source softwares

Download Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System
2022 SourceForge awards

An effort of all our team, users and customers that make Pandora FMS improve day by day. This is a recognition of our entire trajectory and shows that Opensource is still alive and that we are one of the leading and pioneering projects in Europe.

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Frequently asked questions about Pandora FMS Open Source

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1. What are the differences in updates between Open Source, Free, and ONE versions?

Choosing the right version depends on your needs and technical expertise. The ONE and Free versions offer the most up-to-date features and receive priority bug fixes within hours through our support team. The Open Source version, while completely free with unlimited usage, requires more technical knowledge for installation and updates (which you'll need to apply manually from the GitHub repository).

2. What's the difference between Open Source and the Free version?

Think of the Open Source version as the building block. It offers core functionalities but requires a "do-it-yourself" approach, including installation and updates. You can even modify or extend the code to create your own version. Unlike the Free version, it has no usage limits.

The Free version, on the other hand, provides all the features of the ONE version, but with a limit of 50 agents and 600 modules. It also comes with the benefit of receiving priority bug fixes through support.

3. How can I switch from Free/Open Source to Pro? Will I lose data?

Upgrading to the ONE version is a smooth process, and your existing monitoring data won't be affected. We offer two options: you can leverage our migration assistance service for a hassle-free transition, or follow the easy-to-understand instructions provided by our support team to upgrade on your own.