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In today’s digital age, networks are the backbone of business operations for many companies and organizations.

Any interruptions or performance issues can lead to significant consequences, such as service outages or reduced productivity. To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to continuously monitor the status of your networks and their various components.

Network monitoring provides the essential oversight needed to detect and prevent incidents before they escalate, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business operations. When issues do arise, an effective monitoring system enables swift resolution, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity. Embrace network monitoring to safeguard your business and ensure optimal performance at all times.

Why it’s important for your company?

Cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever. In 2023, attacks increased by 82%, with an average cost per incident of $4.24 million.

Pandora FMS’s robust network monitoring is crucial to quickly detect and respond to threats, minimizing the impact on your business: Monitor your network for suspicious activity, detect intrusions in real time and isolate infected systems to contain the damage.

Companies are migrating more and more data and applications to the cloud. This increases network complexity and makes traditional monitoring more difficult.

Pandora FMS offers a complete solution for cloud monitoring, including: Complete visibility of your cloud resources (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud), performance monitoring, cloud application availability and cloud troubleshooting.

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From the very basics to the unimaginable

Bandwidth, packet loss, latency, availability, number of connections. Regardless of the source: routers, APs, switches, firewalls, servers, workstations, IoT. If it has an IP, Pandora FMS can retrieve data. We are not limited only to SNMP or data collection through agents.

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IP Management

Our IPAM system allows you to manage networks, supernetworks and subnetting. You will be able to manage physical locations, make IP reservations, and have an IP map as well as IP usage reports, and alerts when no IPs are available. It can be integrated into a Microsoft DHCP server.

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Real-time network scanning

Netflow is a tool that helps you get real-time statistics on your network computers (routers, switches, firewalls). In addition, Netflow facilitates continuous monitoring, ensuring that you can quickly identify and resolve any issues or bottleneck that arises.

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High scalability

Virtually unlimited scalability thanks to the Command Center, and our Satellite Servers that allow you to scale horizontally and generate dozens of thousands of network queries per second in a distributed way. We have customers with more than 100,000 network devices in a single instance.

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Reports and control boards

Pandora FMS collects all kinds of data and offers you a report editor so you may generate them in a customized way: top N, detailed graphs at any time scale, SLA reports, availability reports, schedules and much more.

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Configuration Management

Pandora can pick up your computer settings, detect when they change (and where), and recover the backups of those configurations. You may also deploy mass changes to dozens of computers (such as adding a VLAN).

Unify basic and advanced network monitoring with Pandora FMS

Network Monitoring

Licensing with no surprises

Find out exactly what it will cost, no surprises, no extensions, no additional modules. Plan for the growth from day one.

Network Monitoring

Distributed environments

Our Satellite servers operate autonomously and silently, capable of managing hundreds of devices.

Network Monitoring

Security monitoring

Know at all times which versions, models and IP you have and Set alerts if models with vulnerabilities are used.

Network Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence

Create alerts based on the projected use of your resources. Generate useful reports to plan your network usage.

Network Monitoring

SNMP Trap Reception Console

Receive SNMP traps and generate real-time alerts efficiently, ensuring immediate awareness and response to events.

Network Monitoring

High Availability

Experience HA with our integrated SSH and Telnet console, providing reliable and continuous access to your devices.

Network Monitoring

Integrated MIB Explorer

Utilize our integrated Management Information Base explorer to manage and navigate your network devices' info.

Real-Time Graphics

Real-Time Graphics

Real-time graphics for troubleshooting and performance monitoring, with historical data available for up to 3 years.

Advanced Reports and SLAs

Advanced Reports and SLAs

Generate advanced availability reports, SLAs, and capacity planning charts, among dozens of other reports.