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Contel Ingenieros is a company devoted to providing telecommunications solutions, consulting, system provisioning and installation, we offer operational support and communication network maintenance. Currently, we are developing Triple-Play and building automotion projects for large malls and the hospitality sector, as well as network and communication systems.

“Excellent Support and ability to solve problems. Pandora FMS adapts to the heterogeneity of our systems and they also listen to us and get involved in what we need”

José Luis Delgado, CEO of Contel

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In recent years, the need for connectivity of the current social context has made the wifi service for clients in the hospitality sector and shopping malls to become an obligation. In the event of any service failure, a quick and effective solution is required to solve the problem in a just matter of hours.

We needed to have information in a proactive way that would allow us to detect the incidences of all of our clients, even before any complaints. Offer help-desk support while seeing the installation was also one of our priorities, along with the ability to manage different communication technologies such as GPON, PoLan, Ethernet, radio or LonWorks.

Traditional methods generated high SLAs and were not acceptable to our clients, so we needed a change to achieve our main objective: incidence resolution times

At first, we started using open source monitoring tools, but they did not have the management or observation capacity that we needed.

After testing the Community version of Pandora FMS, we decided to switch to Enterprise since it matched our working method and for its support and its high degree of operation customization.

“The needs of our clients made us look for a new support methodology based on monitoring as a main work element.“


Given the heterogeneity of our systems, we needed to customize and adapt Pandora FMS to our needs. We manage devices from multiple manufacturers and with different communication protocols such as SNMP and TR-069. Likewise, we had to have decentralized management based on the different projects we have with its satellite / remote controllers.

“We switched to Pandora FMS Enterprise since it matched our working method and for its support and high degree of operation customization.“

Currently, we monitor 6,700 devices and 45,000 network variables in 21 geographic locations. Furthermore, we have managed to integrate Pandora FMS with the different technologies we use, such as GPON, VDSL, DataoverCoax, SNMP, radio links, LonWorks and Dante, among others.
We were especially surprised by the versatility and flexibility of the tool, which we have managed to adapt to our needs.


With Pandora FMS, we have managed to increase our capacity for action and response on our networks in multiple geographic locations. Our level of support for our clients has exponentially improved. We are now able to detect bugs before users even notice them.

Likewise, we have the support of a tool that allows us to manage devices from multiple manufacturers and technologies, something that our clients have benefited from. We have never had such favorable satisfaction surveys with our services!

Internally, thanks to Pandora FMS we have managed to adapt to the demands of an increasingly demanding sector. We have started providing services in a more professional, fast and satisfactory way.

We fully trust both the after-sales team and the support team, who have helped us implement and adapt the tool, as well as taken our suggestions to cover new communication protocols such as TR-069. The ability of Pandora FMS to solve problems is incredible, they listen to us and get involved in what we need.

In the future, we seek to apply this work methodology to sectors such as building automation and energy efficiency, monitoring industrial protocols such as Lonworks, KNX or ModBus.

“Pandora FMS has allowed us make an important technological and innovative leap, offering our services in a much more efficient, professional and incident-free manner.“

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