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We have released a Ubuntu Server 8.04 Vmware test image with Pandora FMS 1.3.1. This is a VMWare Workstation 5.x image and could be used with free VMWare Player and Free VMWare Server.

You can download the VMWare image from Sourceforge

It has all components installed (Data Server, Recon Server, Network Server, SNMP Console for SNMP Trap reception, MySQL, Apache2, PHP with all modules dependencies resolved, including Pear Graph for reporting.

There is also a Linux Pandora FMS Agent 1.3.1 running on this machine, using the "local copy" method to transfer XML data packets to itself.

User/Passwords in this system are:

  • Unprivileged user is "pandora" with password "pandora"
  • OS "root" user has password "pandora"
  • MySQL "root" user has password "pandora"
  • Pandora FMS console has user "admin" and password "pandora"

If you find that your eth0 interface is not up, you might need to clean the MAC cache doing:

sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/XX-persisent-net.rules

IP Address is set with DHCP. If you want to change IP, use the following command as root:

 ifconfig eth0

To access console, from outside VMware, point your browser to


Visit for more information or to get VMware Image.