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1 Administration

The Advanced section contains the Metaconsole administration options, between them:

  • The data synchronization between the Metaconsole and the Instances
  • The data management of the Metaconsole
  • The licence management of the Metaconsole
  • The Metasetup where there are:
  • The Instances configuration
  • The Metaconsole configuration options

In this chapter we are going to talk about the Metasetup and the licence management, in the next chapter we will describe in detail the synchronization and data management of the Metaconsole.

1.1 Instance Configuration

In the Metasetup section, besides all the options of the console configuration, there is a tab for the console Setup.

In this tab, we will select the instances. All the configuration process is available at the manual section Install and Configure

1.2 Metaconsole Configuration

In the Metasetup section we find tabs with the Metaconsole configuration different options:

1.2.1 General Configuration

In this section we find general data of the Metaconsole, such as the language, the date/hour configuration, information about the license or customization about some sections, among others.

It is possible to customize if we want that the Netflow section would be enabled or disabled, the tree view classified by tags, the visual console and the possibility of web checks creation from the Wizard.

Metasetup general.png

1.2.2 Password Policy

It is possible to set a password policy with limitations in the password number of characters, expiration, temporary blocking of one user. To know more about the password policy go to the manual section Password policy

Metasetup passwords.png

1.2.3 Authentication

To know more about the authentication go to the manual section Authentication.

Metasetup auth.png

1.2.4 Visual Configuration

All configuration related to the data representation. Colors and graph resolution, number of items in the view pagination,etc.

Metasetup visual.png

1.2.5 Performance

Visualization options, historic and event purging.

Metasetup performance.png

1.2.6 File Management

File manager where it is possible to upload and delete the files from the images folder from the Metaconsole installation.

Template warning.png

The Metaconsole code re-uses some images from the normal console code. These images will be not accessible form this manager and it will be necessary to get to the installation manually to manage them.


Metasetup file manager.png

1.2.7 String Translation

With the string translation feature it is possible to customize translations.

We do a search of the string in the language that we want to customize. The original string will be shown, the translation to that language and a third column to writte the customized translation.

Metasetup string translations.png

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