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This is a brief overview of our ideas for Google Summer of Code 2015 under Ártica ST organization (

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Pandora FMS (FMS comes from Flexible Monitoring System) is a very flexible monitoring tool. Pandora FMS is one of the most known Opensource monitoring software projects, hosted in Sourceforge since 2004 and with three mentors at GSOC 2012.

1 NoSQL database storage applied for long-term monitoring information on high scalable system

Optimize the historical database for systems with big load of data processing of long duration, thus taking advantage of new data storage technologies.

1.1 Milestones

  • 1. Analyze the current data structure.
  • 2. Make a migration script of the historical MySQL database to NoSQL.
  • 3. Integrate in the Pandora FMS PHP code the data queries to the NoSQL historical database.

Bonus milestones / Ideas:

  • Migrate all the Pandora FMS database.
  • Integrate NoSQL as data management system.

2 Standard interoperable libraries for endpoint monitoring with Arduino systems, based on Pandora FMS backend

Crete a set of standard libraries for Arduino and monitor physical parameters such as temperature, sensors, etc. and integrate with Pandora FMS, using a standard Arduino.

2.1 Milestones

  • 1. Implement Tentacle protocol on Arduino in C.
  • 2. Implement Tentacle protocol for shield wiki and ethernet.
  • 3. Integrate post-process actions like the software agent of Pandora on Android.

Bonus milestones / Ideas:

  • Implement the Tentacle protocol on I2C and serial ports.
  • Monitor 3D printer.

3 Integration with visual recognition (OpenCV)

Monitor streamed or recorded video, and scan images for gathering data for industrial processes, car plates, and more.

3.1 Milestones

  • 1. Create a Python script with OpenCV for visual data recognition.
  • 2. Create the data structure on Pandora FMS for storing the visual data.
  • 3. Implement on PandoraFMS console, forms to handle this data.

Bonus milestones / Ideas:

  • Use the Raspberry Pi platform for visual data extraction.

4 Improvements of the GIS on Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS already monitors GIS data, and its able to represent it in a map, but lacks of alerting based on this GIS data.

4.1 Milestones

  • 1. Implement GIS alerts on Pandora FMS server.
  • 2. Implement alerts in Pandora FMS console.

Bonus milestones / Ideas:

  • Move the GIS data structure of the agent to GIS modules.
  • Create a migration script for the previous Milestone.