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none This is a brief overview of our ideas for Google Summer of Code 2015 under Ártica ST organization (


1 NoSQL database storage applied for long-term monitoring information on high scalable system

1.1 Milestones

  • 1. Make a Pandora Console extension that has a form editor to make the "QR code" stickers and returns as PDF or PNG this stickers. The "link/data" in the sticker can be:
    • link to Pandora Visual Console
    • link to detailed agent/group view
    • link to events of that agent or group
  • 2. API call to extract realtime data of:
    • a Pandora agent.
    • a Pandora group.
    • event filter.
  • 3. Make a android application that when the cam of mobile phone or Google Glasses found a Pandora "QR code" sticker, make actions by the kind of sticker:
    • Show the visualmap (as embedded browser).
    • Show a screen with the agent data (using the android interface).
    • Show a screen with the group data (using the android interface).
    • Show a screen with the events (using the android interface).

Bonus milestones / Ideas :

  • Implement the android app for to run in Google Glasses.
  • Implement the android app for to show as typical Augmented Reality application (for example the old application Layar).
    • show the real image from cam.
    • show float layout oriented by the sticker and relative to position of the cam.
    • show several layouts as stickers found the cam.