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1 About Tentacle

Tentacle is a client/server file transfer protocol that aims to be:

  • Secure by design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile and cross-platform.

Tentacle was created to replace more complex tools like SCP and FTP for simple file transfer/retrieval, and switch from authentication mechanisms like .netrc, interactive logins and SSH keys to X.509 certificates. Simple password authentication over a SSL secured connection is supported too.

The client and server (TCP port 41121) are designed to be run from the command line or called from a shell script, and no configuration files are needed.

Since 2008, Tentacle is the default file transfer method for Pandora FMS

Tentacle is implemented in Perl and ANSI C (Windows platforms included).

You can download it and get more information at the official Sourceforge website [1].

2 Documentation