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1 The metaconsole agent cache

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Metaconsole in 6.0 version will use a agent cache, designed to scalate over 5.0 version limits, improving performance and max. capacity on the metaconsole over 500,000 monitored agents in a single infrastructure.

The metaconsole agent cache is designed so that the metaconsole does not have to query nodes to find agents, providing an efficient lookup table.

Each node manages and updates its part of the cache table, which is updated when each node's server starts up, when a module changes its status and when agents are deleted.

All the information that is available on the node itself is replicated in the cache table, including module status counts.

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Agent information in the cache table other than module status counts is not updated in real time!


2 Enabling the metaconsole agent cache

2.1 In the Pandora FMS Console

Navigate to Administration -> Setup and click on the Enterprise tab. Enable the option Metaconsole agent cache and make sure the metaconsole is properly configured (Metaconsole DB host, Metaconsole DB name...).

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