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1 Common Parameters within Modules

1.1 Tags

Tags are like labels, associated to modules which are going to be propagated to events. Those events will be used in conjunction with event alerts of that module.

In order to create them, please go to 'Manage interface' -> 'Manage modules' and 'Manage tags':

Module tags list.png

After the tags have been created, please fill out the text fields for 'name', 'description', (optionally) a complete URL (e.g., 'email' and 'phone'. This information is going to get associated to the tag.

Module tags creation.png


It's important to note that more than one tag can be associated to a module. To do so, you first have to create them (as shown above) before it's possible to associate them to a module.


Within the advanced module options, two columns are displayed. On the left side you see all available tags. On the right side, selected tags are going to be displayed. It's of course possible to move the tags from one side to another. Please select the desired tag and click on the arrow-shaped button to do so.

Module tags.png

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