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::::# [[Pandora:Documentation_en:PandoraFMS_Engineering|Pandora FMS Engineering]]
::::# [[Pandora:Documentation_en:PandoraFMS_Engineering|Pandora FMS Engineering]]
'''Parte 6. Metaconsole'''
'''Part 6. Metaconsole'''
::::# [[Pandora:Metaconsole:Documentation_en:Introduction|Introduction: First concepts and comparison with the previous version]]  
::::# [[Pandora:Metaconsole:Documentation_en:Introduction|Introduction: First concepts and comparison with the previous version]]  

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Pandora FMS


Administration guide (English version)
(c) 2009-2012 Pandora FMS Documentation Team

Licensed under [Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License]

Part 1. Understanding Pandora FMS

  1. Introduction to Pandora FMS
  2. Pandora FMS Arquitecture
  3. Pandora FMS Glossary of Terms

Part 2. Install and setup.

  1. Installing Pandora FMS
  2. Upgrade and updates
  3. Pandora FMS interface
  4. Pandora FMS configuration

Part 3. Monitoring with Pandora FMS

  1. Introduction to monitoring
  2. Monitoring with software agents
  3. Remote Monitoring
  4. Virtual environment Monitoring
  5. Monitoring WEB browsing user experience
  6. Service monitoring
  7. SNMP traps Monitoring
  8. Log retrieval and monitoring
  9. Other kind of monitoring
  10. Common parameters in modules

Part 4. Using and managing Pandora FMS

  1. Automatic network exploration: Recon Server
  2. Alert system
  3. Events
  4. Templates and components
  5. Inventory
  6. Data display and reporting
  7. Customizable console: Dashboard
  8. GIS Console
  9. Console management and administration
  10. Setting up through console
  11. Remote system management

Part 5. Big environments and maximum performance

  1. Massive operations
  2. Monitoring with policies
  3. Monitoring Hierarchy: Export Server and Meta Console
  4. Netflow network traffic management
  5. High Availability (HA)
  6. Server management
  7. Optimization and problem solving of Pandora FMS
  8. Pandora FMS Engineering

Part 6. Metaconsole

  1. Introduction: First concepts and comparison with the previous version
  2. Arquitecture and Synchronization
  3. User permissions: ACLs, Tags and Wizard access control
  4. Installation and configuration
  5. Visualization
  6. Operation (Monitoring Wizard)
  7. Administration
  8. Terms glossary of the Metaconsole
  9. FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

Part 7. Technical annexes

  1. Appliance CD / Pandora FMS Virtual Machine
  2. Configuring SSH and/or FTP to Receive Data
  3. Integration with HP Network Node Manager
  4. Installation and Configuration of Pandora FMS and SMS Gateway
  5. DRDB Mysql Clusterization for Pandora FMS database
  6. MySQL Cluster setup with Pandora FMS database
  7. MySQL Binary replication with Pandora FMS database
  8. Capacity and Volumetry Researchs
  9. Advises for using the Oracle DB
  10. Configuring a HWg-STE Sensor
  11. Energy Efficiency with Pandora FMS
  12. Network monitoring with IPTraf
  13. Backup and restore procedures

Part 8. Technical reference

  1. Reference for Pandora FMS development
  2. Pandora FMS External API
  3. Pandora FMS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  4. Considerations on Plugins Development
  5. Server Plugins Development
  6. Agent Plugins Development
  7. Console Extensions Development