Pandora: Current development: New features & Changes 4 0.1

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1 Windows agent

  • Native SNMP get and ping modules.
  • Support for regular expressions in event log modules.
  • Fixed bugs in broker agents and proxy mode.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the stability of the agent.

2 Unix agent

  • Fixed a bug in broker agents.

3 Server

  • Fixed small bugs in the server.
  • Fixed a bug in the stress script
  • Fixed a bug in util/recon_scripts/
  • Fixed a bug in keepalive modules.
  • Fixed a bug in the execution of SNMP get version 3 queries.
  • Fixed a bug in the update script pandora_server_update.
  • Small improvements to PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility.
  • Data deletion optimization in the database maintenance script
  • Improvements to util/, ff_threthold can be set for network, SNMP and plugin modules.
  • New IPMI monitoring plugin util/plugin/ y IPMI scan util/recon_scripts/
  • Added a new macro _plugin_parameters_ to alerts with the parameters os a plugin.
  • Added a "force" mode to the server installer pandora_server_installer.
  • Added the _data_ macro to event alerts.
  • Added new web modules to read the contents of an HTTP request response.

4 Console

  • Fixed a bug in the history database..
  • Fixed a bug in the baseline of a chart.
  • Fixed a bug in the creation of keepalive modules.
  • New "projection graph", "prediction date" and "group" reports.
  • The report viewer allows the start date to be changed.
  • Global and visual console specific auto-refresh intervals can be configured.
  • Fixed a bug in custom graphs and combined graph PDF exports.
  • Fixed an SNMP explorer bug that affected IE8.
  • Performance improvements to the SNMP explorer.
  • Improvements to the event viewer.
  • Improvements to the metaconsole event viewer.
  • Improvements to chart aesthetics.
  • Improvements to policy ACL.
  • The API access control now allows subnets.
  • Usability improvements to console error messages.
  • Improvements to the API to allow enabling and disabling all the alerts of a module.
  • Fixed a bug in the encoding of inventory module data.