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1 main Wiki page

This Wiki would help us to build an online text reference about different Free Software projects like Pandora FMS, Babel or any other project you want.You have also a web forum in . Wiki and forum in are open to everybody who wants to use it to provide unified user community support to OpenSource Software projects.

There is a team of "editors" who can write and modify this Wiki. Everyone can read this wiki. If you want to have access to write, please email us to "postmaster (@)" with your username in Openideas. Immediate access will be provided. This is only a manual measure to avoid spammers.

2 Why another Free/OpenSource Software support site

Almost all sites of software forge, like Sourceforge or Savanah, provide forums and web space. But this kind of support is isolating one project from another. We want to join different project communities into a big one. We want to join different project communities with similar "thinking" and similar technology.

We also think that WIKI is a wonderful tool to give comunities a more powerful way to communicate.

We also think that our forum system (SMF) has more features than others ( Sourceforge, for example).

3 About the language

Almost all people who start are spanish-speaking people, but we want to be accessible to everybody, so official language is English, and spanish will be allow only if an appropiate translation in english is made in a short time. At this moment there are many contents only in spanish, so we need volunteers who want to translate them to english to help us.

4 Main