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Welcome to our super-fast MediaWiki code syntax help. This will describe the most used wiki codes to set format to Wiki text in Mediawiki systems.

Head 1

= Head 1 =

Head 2

== Head 2 == 

Head 3

== Head 3 == 


When you want to format special texts in the same order they will appear in real life, and don't want wiki "manage" it, just say to wiki "let it as is", and Wiki don't try to understand/interprete the data. This is done with the special tag pre:

 My code
   is formatted
     as is. Used for commands, code, and other stuff


To insert images first you need to upload images using the link "Upload image" from the main side menu, at bottom:

After uploading it, you can put a WIKI Code with the image filename inside an special code:

Centered image with name "image_name.png"


Centerd image with name "image_name.png" and resized to 200px width



* Point 
* Point 
** Point under point 

Numerated lists

# List item 1
# List item 2
# List item 2.1





Anyway, you always could "edit" any page with the format you want to, analyze how it's written and the special coded used and learn from current material.

Background color

<span style="background:#00FF00"> TEXT </span>