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Pandora FMS (FMS comes from Flexible Monitoring System)is a monitoring tool to watch all kinds of systems and applications. Pandora FMS allows to know the state of all its business systems.Pandora FMS watches your hardware, your software, your applications and of course your Operating System. Pandora FMS could detect a down network interface and also the movement of any NASDAQ value. If necessary, Pandora FMS could send an SMS when any system or application comes down ... or when the Google's stock value falls under 330 US$.

1 Ideas

1.1 Improve the Android Opensource projects

1.1.1 Pandroid: Pandora FMS Agent

Pandroid: Pandora FMS Agent

Pandroid Agent is an agent for Pandora FMS. Pandora FMS is an OpenSource monitoring system. Pandroid gets data from your Android device and sends it to Pandora FMS server. Some parameters you can monitor are GPS Coordinates, percentage of remaining battery, and memory left on device. This agent send GPS information, battery levels and orientation to a central Pandora FMS server. By default will use your SIM Serialnumber to create the agent name and will send the information each 5 minutes to a demo server ( Use "demo" user and "demo" password to access the server and see your agent working ! Improvements Monitoring network traffic

The smarthphones or tablets generate inbound and outbound network traffic. Pandroid must be able to read this values and send as modules. Monitoring the amount of calls

Pandroid must be able to read the amount of calls from the smarthphone and send as module into the own agent data. Monitoring the amount of SMS

Pandroid must be able to read the amount of SMS from the smarthphone and send as module into the own agent data. Module inventory for software

The Android smarthphones have a tons of apps. It is a good idea that Pandroid send this data like as the other Pandora agents. You can see more info in Pandora:Documentation en:Inventory. Module inventory for hardware

There are a lot of Android gadgets, the typical Android gadgets is smarthphone but this can have diferent periferical or hardware config. It is a good idea that Pandroid send this data like as the other Pandora agents. You can see more info in Pandora:Documentation en:Inventory. Module applications banned

Some Pandora users want to monitor the apps in the gadgets of their company, for example a school wants to monitor the apps in the school tablets to avoid games being installed on them. Module manual (like a PDA counter app)

Pandora agents in all systems extract the data automatically (sometimes as system daemon). But some users want to work with Pandora like a counter app. For example some user that monitors a factory wants another worker with a tablet to count the boxes in a stockroom and send the data with the tablet or smarthphone to Pandora FMS. Or other example: the worker reads the measures from valves and sends this data with Pandroid. Module QR Code or Barcode

Most Android gadgets have a cam. It is useful that the Pandroid can read QR codes (Wikipedia) or Barcodes (Wikipedia) and send them as text modules. Module Bluethooth detector

The most part of Android gadgets have a bluethooth. It is useful that the Pandroid can read the bluethooth IDs near to the gadget and send as text module. Module NFC or RFID

Near Field Communication (Wikipedia)

Radio-frequency identification (Wikipedia)

These technologies are somewhat new, RFID being older than NFC, but we want work in Pandora with these technologies like we do with physical tags (as Barcode or QR code). Because we want only to work with the passive mode of these technologies.

And the next generation Android gadgets could read NFC and/or RFID data. And it is very interesting that Pandroid can read such data from the near environment and send it as a text module. Implements Buffer data and programmed send

Now Pandroid only saves a single data packet and periodically (by default each 300 seconds) sends it. But it would be nice for Pandroid to work just like other Pandora Agents in other systems, which can save more data packets and send them in other times.

1.1.2 Pandora FMS Event Viewer

Read in your Android device events from your Pandora FMS. Validate, search and get realtime event notification. This app will work only with Pandora FMS 4.0.

Pandora FMS Event Viewer Improvements Improve the notification system

Now the app can only notify with default sound tone system. But it is necessary to implement other methods (vibration, LED flashes ...) and be able to change to other sound files. Validate alerts

The app only can validate events. But we want to validate Pandora alerts like as in Pandora Console. Embed Visual Maps

The event viewer only shows the events from Pandora FMS, but we want to show Visual Maps into the app. Embed Pandora Mobile Console

Yes, the event viewer Android app only shows events, but we want to show other data and parts from Pandora FMS Mobile Console.

1.2 Create extension for browser Chrome or Firefox

1.2.1 Event viewer extension

It is a new plugin or extension for Chrome and/or Firefox browsers, it connects to Pandora system through Pandora API to show events, alerts and some data from Pandora.

Some features for the extension:

  • Show and manage the events in "real time" (with 60-100 secs refresh) (like the Pandora FMS Event Viewer in Android)
  • Show the alerts.
  • Play sounds when a specific event type is received (Provide, configure filters).
  • Receive messages from the console (user messages).
  • Show the status of Pandora, for example numbers of agents, agents down and others parameters.

This will include a setup screen to define global parameters like IP address of Pandora, API password, URL, and other "specific" setup items for defining sound console filters (for example, filter to play sounds on any event named *router* with sound XXX, and sound YYY with events of category "alert fierd").

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