• Distributed monitoring (HPDM)

High Performance Distributed Monitoring

Do you have an extensive, high-capability network? With the Satellite Server you can keep track of more than 100,000 nodes from a single server. Combining it with the scalable architecture of the MSPE version, as many as one million devices can be managed achieving effective distributed monitoring from a single operation point.

The Satellite Server is a piece of software that’s deployed autonomously onto an otherwise inaccessible network (like your customer’s network). It’ll automatically detect nearby systems, and start monitoring them. In less than an hour you will have the entire network monitored, the ability to define hosts manually as well as customize the monitoring process.

distributed monitoring, topology sample network map

The Satellite Server has an unprecedented performance level. It can launch thousands of ICMP/SNMP checks per second and detect Unix/Windows/SNMP automatically. From version 6 onward you will be able to configure all of the Satellite Servers remotely from your Pandora console, and add hosts manually or centralize their configuration or modification.

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