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Pandora FMS Roadmap

Ever since the release of version 4.0, we have adopted the philosophy of maintaining a stable version for longer through continuous renewal and improvements via incremental updates. On our roadmap you can see the evolution of Pandora FMS, from the very beginning up until now:

Pandora FMS 6.1

Dashboard upgrades

New widgets, such as gauges, bar graphs, real-time numeric data, pie charts and visual improvements for combined graphs.

Dynamic monitoring

Thresholds will adjust automatically based on daily behavior and will “learn” on their own.

Predictive monitoring

Improvements on predictive monitoring, including a friendlier configuration method.

Smarter Satellite server

Able to detect network topologies, execute thousands of agent-less, simultaneous SSH checks on Unix systems, and gather inventory information automatically, without the need for prior configuration.

Massive modification

We’ve included a massive modification tool for remote plugins. It’s very useful for modifying a remote plugin when performing large deployments.

New visual console

Now more dynamic, making it easier to display more with less configuration. Ideal for designing business dashboards.

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