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Pandora FMS Roadmap

Ever since the release of version 4.0, we have adopted the philosophy of maintaining a stable version for longer through continuous renewal and improvements via incremental updates. On our roadmap you can see the evolution of Pandora FMS, from the very beginning up until now:


Pandora FMS 7.0

Dashboard upgrades

New widgets, such as gauges, bar graphs, real-time numeric data, pie charts and visual improvements for combined graphs.

Predictive monitoring

Improvements on predictive monitoring, including a friendlier configuration method.

Smarter Satellite server

Able to detect network topologies, execute thousands of agent-less, simultaneous SSH checks on Unix systems, and gather inventory information automatically, without the need for prior configuration.

Massive modification

We’ve included a massive modification tool for remote plugins. It’s very useful for modifying a remote plugin when performing large deployments.


Scaled (bigdata) database backend

Need to store 10,000,000 data modules dating back ten years? Do you want to generate reports using that historical data? No problem. We are implementing a big-data style solution that you can use without giving up the old-style SQL backend.

Realtime network analysis

Forget netflow probes. They recover valid data but, what happens with network troubleshooting? We want to integrate native network probes in Pandora FMS to help you to locate network hardware problems and match with systems you already monitor.

Cloud connected

Connect Pandora FMS with your Cloud provider to manage, provision and auto-monitor your entire Cloud infrastructure.

Improved Automated discovery on unattended devices

Improve satellite server and recon to perform better network topology auto discovery, infrastructure monitoring and inventory information.

Log collection and correlation

Soon our current features will be expanded to have a big-data approach to log collection, with a log correlation engine. We will be able to use real time alerting on aggregated conditions (boolean, frecuency, generic scoring algorithms, etc) over non-structured data.

TR-069 Management

Automatic configuration and management of CPE devices. Integrated monitoring of configuration of CPE devices. Full-scale management for thousand of devices.

IT Automation

Deploy applications

Manage systems in an automated way

Configuration changes

Conditional deployment

100% integrated in monitoring

Centralized operations

Based on the same monitoring agents

Own solution: no need to integrate with third-party solutions

Remote agent deploy

Pre-packaged .MSI windows installers.

Distribution and setup of agents in massive deployments.

For Linux and Windows.

Remote upgrade for agents.

Application Performance Management

Integrate monitoring in your code, using APIs.
Get real-time metrics and correlate with system metrics. Better DevOps integration with IT operations.

gestion rendimiento aplicaciones

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