WMI queries

What needs to be enabled or installed in Windows® to be able to monitor via WMI? Do you have a set of WMI queries already defined for use?

From what I have seen, the WMI database is quite extensive and you have to know the names of the objects to be queried.

You have to enable the remote connection by WMI that depends on the system, if it is Windows XP®, 2000, 2003, etc.

In general you can find it in Administrative Tools -> Computer Administration. Expand Services and Applications. Right click on WMI Control and select Properties. Go to the Security tab. Select the desired namespace (or all with the root) and select the permissions for the remote call (Remote enable). You must also allow passage through the firewall(s).

A more complete explanation can be found at http://www.poweradmin.com/help/enableWMI.aspx

For more information see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394582(VS.85).aspx

Yes, we have an interesting set of WMI queries that we hope to expand soon, covering everything from some aspect of machine security to the type of hardware, BIOS, Windows system, SP installed and so on.

Indeed, the WMI database is very large and many aspects of Windows can be queried. There are tools to explore the namespace and key trees.

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