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Where are uninitialized WUX modules tested?

For the correct functioning of the WUX modules it is necessary that the Selenium server is correctly installed and the connectivity between Pandora FMS server and the Selenium server through the enabled port is correct.

Once verified these points we can find the errors in:

  • Pandora FMS server logs:
    • /var/log/pandora/pandora_server.log
    • /var/log/pandora/pandora_server.error
  • The logs of the Selenium server

In version 3 of Selenium (through docker) we find the logs by executing the command:

 docker-compose -f <compose-file> logs

In previous versions, it was run through the pwrd service, so we could find its log in /var/log/prwd.log or it could be debugged by launching the Selenium jar manually from the shell.

java -jar seleniumXXXX.jar

In this way we can observe the failures that exist in the WUX monitoring from its execution kernel and detect the problem more quickly.

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