What is an agent plugin?

An agent plugin is a program or script that runs in an agent. It returns a piece of XML that is inserted, without being validated, in the XML packet that the agent sends to Pandora FMS’ data server.

Due to this, a single plugin can return data from several modules. Agent plugins can be developed in any scripting language. It will be necessary to distribute, if necessary, the necessary libraries for the plugin to be executed (for example, if Java® is going to be used).

To use an agent plugin, the pandora_agent.conf file should be modified, adding a line with the format:

module_plugin <path/plugin>

It could also be done from the console. In the agent configuration, we go to the plugins option (represented by an icon in the shape of a puzzle piece). There we should introduce the complete path of the plugin and add it. From then on, the plugin will work as a local module.

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