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VMware® monitoring is not working, how do I check for errors?

The fastest way to check the operation of the VMware® Plugin is to execute it manually from the Pandora FMS server shell.

To do this we must execute the plugin that is located in the path:


Followed by the configuration file with the parameters defined as those of the configuration indicated in the Discovery. The format of the configuration file must be the following:

user <user>
pass <password>
datacenter <DATACENTER_NAME>
temporal /tmp
logfile vmware_plugin.log
entities_list /tmp/vmware_entities_list.txt
transfer_mode local
tentacle_port 41121
#local_folder /var/spool/pandora/data_in
pandora_url http://localhost/pandora_console
#api_pass 1234
#api_user admin
#api_user_pass pandora
retry_send 0
event_mode 0
event_pointer_file /tmp/vmware_events_pointer.txt
verbosity 10
threads 20
interval 300
group Servers
/usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin/vmware-plugin.pl   /root/vmware-plugin-ej.conf
Once the plugin is launched we will be able to observe the result of the execution.
In case you get a perl library error, you will probably need to reinstall the Perl SDK library:
If the error is related to a SOAP query, it is very likely that the installed SDK version is not compatible with the ESX version, so it would be necessary to update the installed SDK version to the same version of the monitored ESX.


It is possible that the plugin execution is correct (OK result) but it does not create any agent. We should check the /tmp/vmware_entities_list.txt file created and observe if there are all the VMs, Datastores, … of the environment in it. If not, we must delete the file and run the plugin again. It should give another error or the monitoring should be created correctly.
If the error shown is related to an authentication problem, we should check that the user, password indicated has the correct permissions both in the Pandora FMS API and in the ESX.
In the case that all the points are correct but the XML do not arrive to the /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ the server, you should check if the tentacle_client binary is installed or in the case that it is a local transfer_mode, that inside the local_folder parameter the data_in directory is correctly configured.
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