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Problems to have access to the Console. Full hard disk

Sometimes, Pandora FMS wrong configurations could cause that the hard disk of the system where Pandora FMS is installed would be fill in, it will result on that new data will be not processed or that would be possible to enter in the console through a MySQL connection error.

To solve this problem, you should check every agent configuration, so many times we have module data that introduce lot of data in the database and they are not useful at all because Pandora FMS is not thought to process system logs.

You should specifically eliminate the following modules: Logevents, log_events, log_events_syst. They should be eliminated both from the console and from the agent, editing remotely the agent or in the machine where it is installed, so on the contrary, it will send the information again and Pandora FMS will create it in the console and it will continue receiving the data and processing them.

You should also check if the database purging script is executed daily, the script should be at:


and it is usually called pandora_purge_db.

Its content should be:

 #!/bin/bash perl /usr/share/pandora/util/pandora_db.pl /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf
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