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Pandora FMS’ web console doesn’t work and/or I have some MySQL errors

These are the most common problems with the indicated symptom, the Pandora FMS web console appears blank, it loads partially and/or indicates SQL errors in its load:

  • Bad update/installation of the Console. It is possible that in the process of update or installation of Pandora FMS’ console some problem has occurred and it has some corrupt file. To solve this problem you must reinstall the Opensource and Community Console packages in the version where they are. If you still have problems, move the current console installation to another directory and reinstall the console from zero. Copy the configuration file config.php and all the files you have in the attachment directory and the custom images from the images folder. This will eliminate any conflict with old files that no longer exist.
  • Lack of some MR. In the case of displaying MySQL errors in the console, most likely the database schema is not updated to the corresponding version. To do this you must update the database with all SQL files located in the directory /var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/mr/. To do this you must execute in the shell the following execution:
#cat <MR_file> | mysql -u <user> -p <database_name>

You have the list of all MR corresponding to your version in the following link:


  • Restrictive sql_mode parameter. For the correct functioning of Pandora FMS console it is necessary that the sql_mode parameter inside the mysql server configuration file is without restrictions. In case it is not configured in the following way: sql_mode= "" If you do not get a SQL error, you can get some SQL errors in the console.
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