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Outdated history database, update procedure

To update the history DB we have to pass the same MR (Minor Release) that the main DB has applied.

First of all, we have to look for in which MR is our main DB, for them it is enough to look at the footer of the Pandora FMS console where we will see something like Pandora FMS v7.0NG.750 - Build 750 - MR 42. In this case, our main database is in MR 42, so we have to have the historical database with the same MR.

Now we are going to check which MR is our history DB for them on the history machine:

[root@historic ~]# mysql -u root -p historical
<mysql> select * from tconfig where token='mr';

This query will give us the value of the MR in which is our historical DB, let’s say that the query gives us value 39.

We will have to pass the MR 40,41 and 42:

[root@historic ~]# cd /var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/mr/ #(in this directory we will find all the mr, it is located in the machine where the pandora console is installed, move the necessary mr to the history machine).
<mysql> source 40.sql;
<mysql> source 41.sql;
<mysql> source 42.sql;
<mysql> update tconfig set value=42 where token='mr';

This way we will solve the error.

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