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How to completely remove a satellite server agent

To remove an agent from our satellite server we must do the following:

  • Delete the agent from the host file (/etc/pandora/satellite_host.txt), if it is not in that path check the satellite server configuration file:
# File containing hosts to be scanned (one per line). The address may be followed by a hostname.
host_file /etc/pandora/satellite_hosts.txt

  • Once we have deleted it from the satellite_hosts.txt we will have to locate and delete the configuration file of the agent (/etc/satellite/conf), it can be in another path, to find out we access the configuration file of the satellite server:
# Directory where agent configuration files are stored. By default /etc/satellite/conf
agent_conf_dir /etc/satellite/conf
  • To locate the conf we can search recursively in the directory by the agent’s alias or by the IP, see the following example:
[root@SatelliteServer ~]# cd /etc/pandora/conf
root@SatelliteServer conf]# grep -R agent
b24ad870a805bab7f55ac37044fe6d20.conf:agent_alias agente
  • We already have the conf located, now we delete it:
root@SatelliteServer conf]# rm -rf b24ad870a805bab7f55ac37044fe6d20.conf
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