Common causes of instability

If Pandora FMS installation falls from time to time, or some remote checks (network, plugins, WMI, WEB monitors) sometimes give incorrect values (for example, an ICMP check that should give 1 returns 0) or inexplicably stay in unknown mode, it can be due to the following causes:

  1. Low memory. To use Pandora FMS in a production system you should have at least 4GB + 2CPU (see minimum hardware requirements). It can be used in systems with less memory, but you have to modify very well all the components, and even so, we would be limiting it to a very small environment, with very few network threads/sub-components and a MySQL consuming very little memory.
  2. Importance of threads: In Pandora FMS, we can configure the amount of threads of each one of the pandora servers, if for example, in the view of pandora servers in the web console, we observe that some of our servers have a queue, we can increase the amount of threads for a better data processing. You can modify them from the pandora configuration file /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf:
      • snmpconsole_threads
      • network_threads
      • plugin_threads
      • wmi_threads
      • recon_threads
      • dataserver_threads
      • web_threads
      • inventory_threads
      • export_threads
      • icmp_threads
      • snmp_threads
      • prediction_threads
      • syslog_threads
      • provisioningserver_threads
      • alertserver_threads
      • ncmserver_threads
      • See all parameters at official documentation.
      • Remember that you should restart the pandora server after making changes in its configuration file in order to make them effective /etc/init.d/pandora_server restart.
  3. Virtual environments. In some badly configured virtual environments there are instability problems, which occur when there is a lot of load on the real physical system. This can be seen in the system log (dmesg) in the form of coredumps of the pandora_server or of MySQL.

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