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Pandora DB Maintenance Problems


Hi. In the console we are receiving warnings related to problem with the maintenance of the DB (Active and Historical). Whenever I try to execute the script manually it throws an error: #”/usr/bin/pandora_db” “/etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf”

Pandora FMS DB Tool v7.0NG.XXX Build XXXXXX This program is Free Software, Licensed under the terms of GPL License V2 You can download latest versions and documentation at official Web DB Tool now initialized and running (PURGE=60 days, COMPACT=0 days, STEP=1). [*] Pandora FMS Enterprise module loaded. [*] Another instance of DB Tool seems to be running.

But I don’t see any other script instance running:



It may be that the execution of the maintenance (Pandora DB) has given an error and has stopped without finishing correctly, which leaves a blocking parameter activated in the DB.

1) First of all we are going to verify if the lock is active in the DB and if so, we will remove the Pandora DB lock.

Executing the following queries from the console in “Admin Tools” > “DB Interface“:

select * from tconfig where token = 'pandora_lock_pandora'

If after executing this query its “value” is 1, it must be changed to 0 with the following query:

update tconfig set value = 0 where token = 'pandora_lock_pandora' 

2) Once we make sure that the lock token is at 0, we go to the server terminal and execute the following commands:

We check if pandora_db has any processes running:

ps aux | grep pandora_db

If there is any process running, we kill it by its PID with the following command:

kill -9 <PID> 

3) We execute Pandora DB again and it should work correctly:

/usr/bin/pandora_db /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf

One important thing to keep in mind when having a Historical Database. The node is responsible for maintaining the Historical Database as well.

So check that there is no execution to pandora_db inside the history machine (which there shouldn’t be).

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