Beta program

Pandora FMS Beta program is used to show what is currently being developed in Pandora, both in the Community and Enterprise versions, by accessing development versions generated on a daily basis. These versions can be used to test new functionalities, evaluate bug fixes and evaluate the development progress in test environments. Since the group is closed and small, it is an excellent group to raise improvements, detect usability bugs or unanticipated use cases, etc.

To join the group, which has restricted access, you must request access through our community website. In this group there are community users and Enterprise version customers alike, it is not necessary to give any personal data or identify yourself in any way, all those who want to join the group and can contribute are welcome.

To request access, you must first create an account on our community site, and then go to the group -> Beta program. There, detail why you are interested in participating in our Beta program and submit your application:


Once we have reviewed your request, we will give you access, where you can find specific forums with more information about how to download beta versions and participate in the internal discussion. Please explain why you want to join the beta group with a short introduction of yourself and since when you use Pandora FMS.

Beta group Resources 

If you want to submit a bug, a suggestion for a new feature or just a change, please use our public tracker at Github: