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[Bug?] Host Alive [module]
Today for the 2nd time at exactly 3:25 am every single Host Alive module stopped to work.

After I restart pandora_server everything is back to normal.

Check the attached pictures and the log
We don't have any network problem that I'm aware of.

Pandora 3.0 RC2, your VMware Image.

Attached Files

.jpg   Pandora.JPG (Size: 71.09 KB / Downloads: 129)
.jpg   Capture.1.JPG (Size: 63.47 KB / Downloads: 116)
.data (Size: 138.92 KB / Downloads: 63)

I have increased the memory of the VMware image to 756Mb from the default 512Mb.
Hello, please, would you be so kind us to send me your "Host alive" module definition??? I am trying to setup this module but I dont what lines I have to put on the pandora.conf file on the agent.

Thanks a lot
Hi Fmorales,

 You don't have to put anything in pandora_agent.conf for using "Host Alive". The entire configuration of this module takes place using pandora_console interface.

 First, create a template with "Host Alive" module (Manage Modules -> Module Templates -> Create) and then, apply that to the agent (Agent configuration » Module templates).

 I hope this helps ;-)
Hello, thanks a lot, I am trying to generate a alert when a host is not responding on my network ..... as you can see in my picture ... I have defined the host alive module and the alert ... but
it does not works ... if I disconnect the host from the net... status of Host alive never change to red ... and the other three modules change... the agent is out of limits ...

Where could be the problem?

Thanks  a lot
Check the IP address your checking in your "Host alive" module.

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