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Suggested feature: OUT OF RANGE ALERT


I think I've discovered a limitation regarding the MAX/MIN values for the Warning and Critical status of a module. Surely someone else has already noted it but I haven't read it yet, so I decided to post it here.

I have a few modules that always move around a certain value. I need to set a Warning/Critical alert when that module gets a value out of NORMAL range.

For example, when I monitor the temperature of a hard disk or a server's room, I would like not only to trigger an alert when the temperature exceeds the MAX value but also when it doesn't reach the MIN value.

Another possible situation could be the number of SQL connections at a server. If the number of connections in a normal situation is about 500, I would like to have the change to define an alert if that value is greater than 800 but also when it is less than 100. It is certainly not a normal situation when my SQL server has only 20 active connections. There must be  something wrong... Smile

I don't know how to implement that; maybe you could put a clickable box to 'invert' the meaning of MAX/MIN values. In that case, the alert would be triggered only when the value is out of range.

I hope you found this interesting. Wink

Mmmm sounds very specific... and you can have it !, just defining a specific alert template for that, you can set to fixed values instead setting it to match Warning/Critical values: you can set an alert for specific values, like < X AND > YY.

Give a try and tell us if solves your problem.

Of course, the alert templates!!

I was totally obsessed with the warning and critical values of the modules. It must work.

Thank you!


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