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Alert action selection issue
I have two alert actions defined--one to email me and one to send me an SMS (via a shell script on the server).

I can select a default action for an alert, and when I create an alert I can associate an action with it, but I cannot add any more actions, and the only way to make changes to the action seems to be to re-create the alert.

When I click Manage Alerts, and click the Add Action link for any alert, the drop-down list contains two items, both titled "None", and trying to use either of them doesn't work (nothing happens when you try to add with either selected).

It seems it's not seeing the actions I have defined, and I'm not sure how best to even explain the issue given my unfamiliarity with Pandora FMS. I'm learning a lot, but mostly it's by trial and error since there isn't much documentation.
Its one of the worst bugs found on the RC1, it was fixed on the SVN a fix will be released this friday with the RC2, Sorry ! :-(

To fix it manually, just:

Edit pandora_console/godmode/alerts/alert_list.php

--- trunk/pandora_console/godmode/alerts/alert_list.php 2009-10-21 20:25:26 UTC (rev 2048)
+++ trunk/pandora_console/godmode/alerts/alert_list.php 2009-10-26 11:17:25 UTC (rev 2049)
@@ -551,6 +551,7 @@
echo '<form id="add_action_form" method="post" class="invisible">';
print_input_hidden ('add_action', 1);
print_input_hidden ('id_alert_module', 0);
+$actions = get_alert_actions ();
print_select ($actions, 'action', '', '', __('None'), 0);

This means you need to add line with + in that place.
Hey, thanks! Adding that line worked perfectly for me and Pandora FMS is instantly much more useful Smile
There are more bugs en RC1, but that was specially anoying Sad, I hope RC2 will be more "solid", seems that we release software without testing, but after a year developing 3.0 version, we've hunted lots of bugs, this is really a stupid bug, but VERY noisy.

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