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High CPU usage by MySQL process in fresh PandoraFMS installation
Hello, I am testing Pandora FMS 7.0NG in VMWare ESXi using your prepared appliance image.

Since just after the VM boots for the first time, the CPU usage is constantly above 50 %. 
htop tells me it is the mysqld process which consumes the CPU.
And mysqladmin tells me it is processing 5 queries per second.
Although noone other is using the VM and there are no agents configured (except the default one).

I observe this with fresh VM deployment, and also with an VM instance running for few days with some more agents configured.
I tried optimizing the database through web interface - no change.

Please see the attached mysql query log.

Is this expected behavior?

Thanks, Jiri
Hi moole,

The process of MySQL consumes a lot of CPU usage, since it is always running, either receiving data, returning data and even using scripts to clean and improve the performance of the database.

The percentage of CPU will vary depending on the hardware used.

Best regards and Happy New Year!


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