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cpu,file system,swap free space monitoring
I am new to Pandora,
I have installed appliance pandora and created a minimal centos(even installed the agent) 

When i try to look at CPU monitoring it is giving me "no data found"

I have followed all the steps in the Doc to install it.But still i couldn't get the data.

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Hi rishi,

Can you say me the version of your Pandora Server?
If is possible can you show me the latest lines of the Pandora Server log file?

Best regards and Happy New Year!

Hi Vic,

it is "Pandora FMS 7.0 NG".
I have installed the agent in the test server(centos 7 minimal) and created the did the recon thing from the pandora fms server but it still does show the agent version, and could also the help regarding the seting up the modules (to monitoring cpu usage,file system , ram free space..) and setting up the allerts so that it email .

Hi rishi,

I need the complete version of your Pandora FMS Server for doing tests.
Yoy can obtain this doing pandora_server --version on the terminal.

Best regards,


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