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Disable historical data from XML
Hi folks

I am trying to disable historical data on some modules via XML module, but I can't figure out what is the correct xml tag for it?
All I am getting is custom tags in console and historical data is still enabled.

write-output @(
   "    <name>Sessions</name>",
   "    <description>Checks logged on users</description>",
   "    <type>generic_data_string</type>",
   "    <data>$out</data>",
    "     <str_warning>No Sessions</str_warning>",
    "     <warning_inverse>1</warning_inverse>",
   "    <module_group>Users</module_group>",
   "    <test1>asd</test1>",
   "    <history_data>0</history_data>",
   "    <historical_data>0</historical_data>",
   "    <history>0</history>",

This is what it reports, historical data still enabled:
[Image: y4JMxpH.png]
Hi raymix,

Not exist a tag that we can disable the data module historical.
The only way to disable the history of the module is through the configuration.

I'm going to create a internal ticket to add the new tag.

Best regards,

Hi Vic

Thank you, much appreciated.

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