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"Display lateral menus with click = no" breaks menus
I find the menus quite frustrating without labels, so I tried the option labelled "Display lateral menus with click". This seemed much nicer as words were presented on hovering....
But one major problem came up - some of the menus don't line up with their parent entry, and moving the mouse towards the child menu causes the menu to close.

Ironically, the settings menu is one of the offenders, making it very difficult to actually get back to change that option back (I found the URL in the page source and copy-pasted it).

I'm using Firefox 51 if that makes a difference. And Pandora v6.0SP5.
Hello tin,

Thanks for reporting. What are the menus that you are suffering this issue with? I'll try to replicate the problem on different browsers and see if it can be fixed.

Kind regards,
This is solved in 7.0.
The settings menu entry is still way out of alignment, but doesn't disappear now so it isn't a problem.

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