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Historical data

I wish I could keep a history of my pandora agents indefinitely. Is it possible ? If yes, how ?

Sino, is it possible to extract the data from the database for the stored in another database?

Hello matthieu,

Due to database technology, it is not possible to keep the data more than a certain amount of days, that are configured on the Setup -> Performance section of the console. Keep in mind that if you increase the parameters here, your environment may suffer performance impact.

For additional information about Pandora FMS database, you can take a look at this documents:

Kind regards,
Hello Antonio,

I'm evaluating the use of Pandora FMS within my company. We really like what we've seen so far, but historical data is an issue for us as well. The lack of history, especially if combined with the lack of history export functions to other tools (influxdb, custom database, etc.) could be a deal breaker for us.

1. Can you confirm that currently history can't be continuously exported to an external (non-MySQL) database ?
2. At least, could a custom plugin be written to do so easily ? Say, writing metrics out as soon as new data is received.

For context, we need historical data because our staff needs to be able to visualize historical metrics and logs along with custom application data.

I don't think database technology has to be a limitation. For our own application, we're successfully storing a very large number of time series over several years in a single PostgreSQL instance, with excellent performance and very few tweaks. Furthermore, open source extensions such as TimescaleDB for PostgreSQL make it even easier to do this successfully.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi pierluca,

To have an extended historical information you must have the historical database option enabled (only compatible with the Enterprise version)

if you need to have that information exported you can create a script that sent the information to another external system exporting data from tagente_datos, tagente_datos_string, tagente and tagente_modulo.

There is nothing specific to perform this export and you would have to do the development.

Best regards,


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