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Local agents not updating module data in interval

I've  recently set up a Pandora FMS Community Edition 6.0 Update 4 on Ubuntu Server 14.04.5. The server and console are running properly.
However, when creating a local agent on the server which does a basic network ping to an address outside the server, the monitoring interval is not respected so the agent does not update the info in the time of the interval resulting in an "out of limits" indication.
I've looked on the forum and validated all the timezone locations (server, php.ini, mysql, pandora console) are the same and still the problem persists.

To avoid that this would be an Ubuntu-only issue, I've downloaded the pre-made VMWare image (which runs CentOS) as the configuration of that one should be according to specs.
Result: same issue.

I have 1 single agent setup on the local Pandora VM which has "Host Alive" and "Host Latency" modules setup to an outside address (which is accessible to the machine).
Monitoring interval is set to 5 minutes but I've also tried it with 10 seconds.
I've added a "Keep_Alive" module which obviously goes into error once the time to check exceeds 2x the 5 minutes.

What am I doing wrong here?
Is there a log file where I can monitor the agents activity apart from the console?

thanks in advance for your reply,
I figured it out! I did not see that the modules have their own update interval parameter (independent from the agent). Once I set that, it worked fine (also on the Ubuntu).
Hi collectivetrader,

Yes, you will able to customize each update interval for each different module.

Do you have any more related issues?

Best regards,


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