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Expired session management improvement
Feature request:

Would it be possible to request an improvement to the web session handling for expired sessions?

I like to leave Chrome open 24/7 and full of tabs, Pandora's web interface does not seem to behave well when used like this. When the auth session expires it would be better if further requests redirected you to the login page. Currently you either get a black screen or options seem to be extremely slow and then fail to function.

A refresh causes you to see a login request as expected, it would be nice if all requests did this.
Hello Cursorkeys,

Actually, that's what it does! If you try browsing from a particular section from an expired browser tab, it will redirect you to the login page and then you can go back to that section. If it doesn't behave like that, it may be due to some kind of bug.

Kind regards,

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