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Pandora console is slow
Hi all!

I've got a problem. My Pandora FMS console is very slow when loading the agent infos, for example Tree view, Group view. The page loading time is sometime longer than 40s.
Other monitoring view can loading fast, its few seconds.
I've got 50 agents.

Best regards,
Hi gadge,

Most likely your Pandora has to be optimized. Check this link to learn how to optimize it to gain some performance improvements.

Kind regards,
Hi Kevin!

Thanks, I'll check it!

Best regards,
Hi Kevin

We're also facing this issue. It takes a loooong time for the web console to load agent info and graphs. We checked the Optimisation section but I don't think it's related to DB optimisation. Perhaps it might be due to Apache resources issue?


Hello ayad99,

Of course you can check Apache resources and see if it has peaks that makes it freeze. However, slow problems are in most of the cases caused due to an incorrect (or unexistent) MySQL optimization, you should take a look at you my.cnf file and make the optimization according to the recommendations on our docummentation and MySQL webpages.

Also, keep in mind that certain types of graphs, if requesting a big amount of data in past days (let's say 1 month) may take some time to be desplayed, being more information to recover from the database, making the delay increase exponentially.

Kind regards,

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