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Pandora FMS 6.0 SP1 Is Out
We are glad to announce the first Service Pack for version 6 of Pandora!

These are some of the new features or changes that you'll find on this version:
- CSV report exportation has been added to the Reporting engine.
- Added Monthly SLA to the list of dynamic reports.
- Added several functions to handle Planned Downtimes to the CLI and API.
- Added more decimals to the percentage display of modules in the Group View.
- Removed the alert search in the global search bar (big performance improvement).
- ... And there's even more for you to find!

And new bugs repaired and fixes made:
- Fixed PHP warnings that could potentially flood the log file.
- Usability improvements in Dashboards.
- Fixed the Cron job extension not showing at all.
- Fixed problems with resizing in dashboards.
- Fixed setting the package version when you upload an offline package into update manager.
- ... And way more fixes have been made!

Don't wait anymore and update to the new version!
You can do it automatically with the Update Manager, but remember that you can do it manually too, from our website:

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