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Probably bug in Visual Console "Linked Map" when using groups
I want to create a group icon (showing combined status of a group) that can drill down to some servers on another visual console. According to "" this should be possible;

I expect when you use 'enable link' (without map linked) the icon should link to the 'sec2=operation/agentes/estado_agente' page and when you select another visual console within the advanced option 'map linked' that this link changes to the visual console 'sec2=operation/visual_console/render_view'.
This works for icon types 'static graph' or 'Simple value', however for 'group' the link remains pointing to the agent list.

I hope this is only a minor bug and can be solved quickly?
Hello RoBo,

I had never tried the visual maps until reading this.
It seems to be working fine, at least for me. I can create a visual map and then link a group without problem.
Could you attach here some screenshots?

The visual map is a perfect way to make some impressive views that are very informative about the current state of your network. What I want to achieve is following: I have a visual map called "Servers visual console" Here some detailed information about a few servers will be shown that are within 1 group. A sortlike screen will be created for other groups (see 1.png).

Now I want to create a 'Main' map that shows the overall status of these groups, where you can click on them to open the group details page (visual console) (using Pandora FMS v5.1SP3 - Build PC150624).
* From the visual console I click on Create
* Name: Main, Group All, Background: White.jpg
* I click on builder icon
* I click on group icon, select image network, select the group, click advanced options and select the map to link to. Then create to complete. (2.png)

When I now click on View, and I hover above the icon I see link "http://server/pandora_console/index.php?sec=estado&sec2=operation/agentes/estado_agente&group_id=12". This opens (as expected) the text page 'agent details', not the visual console map. If I chose another icon type (not group, but for example static graph or simpel value) The link is correctly pointing to the visual map. This is why I think we're talking about a bug. If I do something wrong, just let me know ;-)

If this map-linking would work for the groups icon, I then can add a link on the detailed group pages to return to the main page. This way you can click between the different visual console maps and have a great end-user experience

1) It's a little strange that the group icons shows red status, while the agents status report yellow.
2) I would really like to be able to add the 'Monitors by status' of the Main Pandora screen on a visual map.

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.png   2.png (Size: 72.92 KB / Downloads: 66)
Hi RoBO,

Thanks a lot for the explanation, I got the oportunity to actually do all the process!
Like you said, it's not working the way it should! At the 6.0 version the problem seem to be solved, so yeah...
You've found a bug! I've told the problem to the team, so they're working on it Big Grin


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