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Blank Page,after logged in
I was installed Pandora FMS 5.1SP2 to Windows2008 Server.
After login, a blank page is indicated.
When F5 key is pressed, a normal page is indicated.
IE11,Firefox and Google Chrome  are also same.
Is the setting wrong?

Thank you.
Hello moto,

This is a failure of the version. Update it using the Update Manager and the problem will be solved.


Hello smartin.
When I installed SP3,I solved it.
Thank you!
Hello Moto and all,

If you are experiencing error after finished installing Pandora FMS, in this case blank screen, it might be something related to "install.php" file. You need to go to the location of your webserver public directory (something like this /var/www/html/pandora_console) and please rename install.php to install.php.bak for example. Then, your homepage should be displayed properly.

If the first solution above doesn't resolve your problem, then you might need to reinstall Pandora FMS once again.

Shafiq (theKillerx88)

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